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Малое Золотое кольцо - Гороховец


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Puzhalova Izba

«Puzhalova Izba» 

It invites you to relax and have fun in the city Gorokhovets.

The house is located in the historic part of the city on Puzhalovoy mountain, in the city park, close to the main attractions of the city.

In summer there are nightingales sing, and in winter squirrels jumping fences.

ГД "Пужалова изба" ЗимаГД "Пужалова изба" Зима

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«Puzhalova Izba» - a detached one-storey wooden house on a plot of land, located on Puzhalovoy mountain on the border of the historical part of the forest area in the ancient Russian city Gorohovets. House of transported and installed at the site of the village Korovkina Gorohovetsky area. In Korovkina this house belonged to the village headman, who built it in 1903 and lived all his life. After his death, the grandchildren, who live in a big city, sold the house for firewood. The new owners have regretted old Russian hut felled once, according to the rules of construction. They carefully dismantled it, moved to his station in the city Gorohovets. Restores the house the whole family with lots of love keeping all the details and design elements. His hands made new trim, shutters and porch, the interior was performed using old lace and embroideries thus giving the house a new life and a new name -«Puzhalova Izba»Now in this house, in the «Puzhalova Izba», stop visit.

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What to see in Gorokhovets

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Gorokhovets map indicating streets, architectural monuments (monasteries, churches, merchant houses), cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. When placed in a «Puzhalova Izba» Gorokhovets map can be obtained for free.

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Before the trip to Gorokhovets, you can manually download and print the map.