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Малое Золотое кольцо - Гороховец


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Gorokhovetsky Museum

Gorokhovets History and Architecture Museum


Gorokhovets History and Architecture Museum was founded December 24, 1972 on the initiative of AS Zakharova. The official opening took place on June 28, 1981. The museum expositions are located in two buildings - monuments of history and architecture of the 17th century: the church of St. John the Baptist and the house of the merchant Sapozhnikov. 


Дом Ершова (Сапожникова)The house is completely reconstructed the interior Sapozhnikov merchant family life 17 - 18th century.

Visitors can see the room where the owners lived at home, the kitchen, basement and so-called «red chamber». Some rooms are located exposure, for example, in the basement exhibited extensive collection of samovars, and in the chambers of the third floor - objects of arts and crafts of local artists (Gorokhovetsky toys, knitting, sewing patterns strochevogo collection boilers, etc.).

Collection of samovars

The exhibition is a collection of samovars for "Holiday Samovar" 2012.


Basic services:

- Tour of the exposures merchant houses Ershov (Sapozhnikov). Acquaintance with the traditional culture of the merchant zhizni17 century, artisanal and seasonal work Gorokhovetsky County.

-  Tour of the historical exposition. The history of the formation of the ancient castle Gorokhovets, unique samples of iconography, philistine life of the 19th century.

-  Tour of the exhibition hall. The new facility will surprise the tourist show the breadth of the exposed subjects, changing exhibitions.

-  City tour.

Getting to the complex of the Cathedral of the Annunciation, Trinity Nicholas Monastery, merchants' chambers and monuments of wooden architecture, visiting archeological Bald Mountain.

- Animation program "Living Antiquity". Understanding the life of 17th century merchants, master class on production of taps on the fabric.

- Animation program "Walking through the old town." Lights, music, museum exhibitions, costumed characters and story of the guide, in the aggregate, will create the atmosphere of this walk through the ancient city.

 Масляничный пир- The museum's interactive program «Pancake feast merchant Sapozhnikov».

Meeting an old Russian merchant-style holiday.

Новый год в Гороховце- Theatrical interactive program «Christmas nativity scene».

Christmas meeting with the family of the merchant Sapozhnikov, familiarity with the old puppet theater - den. New Year in Gorokhovets.


- Marriage newlyweds «wedding Merchant». Registration of marriage of an old Russian tradition in the merchant houses.


House Ershov (Sapozhnikov) (con. XVII century.)

601460, Vladimir Region, Gorokhovets, trans. The school, d. 5

E-mail: domsapojnikova@yandex.ru

website: http://www.giam-grh.ru/