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Малое Золотое кольцо - Гороховец


Conditions / Application

The guests of our house can take advantage of access to the network

Internet Wi-Fi

Lease terms

Rental Housing «Puzhalova Izba». Reservation


 Lease terms

  • Individual entrepreneur - owner of the house called «Puzhalova Izba» vnaёm rents the Guest house for temporary accommodation for a certain period. After a period of residence, the guest is obliged to release the house and yard estimated time. If desired, the extension of the period of residence must inform the owners of the house. Extension of stay is possible only in the absence of confirmation in favor of third parties in the free space.
  • On the arrival guests are provided with a document proving his identity and makes 100% payment for the stay in the house.

Booking terms and conditions

  • Reservations Home individual guests by telephone or e-mail.
  • The reservation is guaranteed for the period for which the guest makes 100% advance payment within 1 day after confirmation of order. If the reservation has not been guaranteed, the individual entrepreneur (owner of the house), the right to refuse guests in a settlement in the absence of availability.
  • If Guest while guaranteeing reservations arrived on the day of arrival and is sent a written notice of cancellation within seven days, an advance payment for the unused period of accommodation is not refundable.

The procedure for payment of rent houses

  • and charged in accordance with the lease agreement between the individual entrepreneur «Lessor» and guest «Employer» at bargain prices.
  • and charged according to the set a calculated hour: 12-00 current day local time.
  • The settlement house: 14-00 hours.
  • When leaving before 12-00 hours will be charged as an accommodation for a full day.
  • Payment for extension of stay is entered on the same terms.
  • When extending the stay in the house guests will be charged 100% of the cost of accommodation for the extended period.
  • Children under 3 years old stay at home with their parents (guardians) for free.
  • When leaving the guest house makes final payment, and hands over the key to the owner of the house.

 Terms of residence

  • Need to strictly observe the rules of fire safety. All «Puzhalovoy Izba» 'is forbidden to smoke and to use any source of fire, including a lighter, fireworks, candles, including aromatic, etc .;
  • Use the space for other purposes, to ensure their safety, the safety of the house, located in it and in the surrounding area of the property, including the interior and paintings;

The rental price includes the house, including

    • Parking a car at the guest house territory
    • Use safe
    • Use a hairdryer
    • Use of TV
    • The use of cooking equipment and utensils
    • Internet Wi-Fi
    • Use of a gazebo, barbecue