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Малое Золотое кольцо - Гороховец


Conditions / Application

The guests of our house can take advantage of access to the network

Internet Wi-Fi


Reservation form home

Booking terms and conditions

For booking you need to phone home with the hosts and discuss the amount and date of booking,

or send a request on the form below. After consideration of the application, and the possibility of booking on the requested dates, we will call you back.


For a guaranteed reservation, it is necessary to make 100% advance payment in any of the following methods:

Prepayment only confirms the seriousness of your intentions.


Methods of prepayment

 1. money transfer to the following account:

Receiver: Irina Meshcheryakova

р/с 40817810110079853571/54. Branch №93 Sberbank Mr. Moore 0093/0142

к/с 30101810100000000602, БИК 041708602, ИНН 7707083893, КПП 333431001.

Payment: Rental house


2. On the card "Sberbank of Russia": 

Card Sberbank-MAESTRO № 63900210 9003416775




Application form for booking:

Fields marked with * are required.


About payment armor let us know by e-mail info@puzhalova-izba.ru marked «Payment for the reservation» or call +7 920 907 2912, +7 920 059 5178, stating full name, the exact amount and date of payment.


The reservation is guaranteed for the period for which the guest makes 100% advance payment within 1 day after confirmation of order.

If the reservation has not been guaranteed, the individual entrepreneur (owner of the house), the right to refuse guests in a settlement in the absence of availability.


Force Majeure

If Guest while guaranteeing reservations arrived on the day of arrival and is sent a written notice of cancellation, the advance payment for the unused period of accommodation is not refundable.